Xiamen instrument and meter plant develops water meter of successful and new-style intelligence

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Establishing the Xiamen instrument and meter plant 1965 is national water meter orders one of manufacturer surely, its " aigret river " , " go straight towards a horse " quality is stable since card water meter is long-term, be favorred by the user. Recently, this enterprise depends on the technical force with abundant oneself and capital actual strength, the new-style water meter sending message that development success runs systematic form a complete set one kind with intelligent water meter (model is LXSY-15E-25E/X) . After adding control a powerful person, base watch component overall length accords with GB/T778-1996 standard, configuration tall sensitivity is dynamoelectric control ball valve, can deploy according to user demand of all kinds cold, heat is wet water meter. At the same time will wet the sensor of water meter by outside type of the buy inside buy type instead, increase the security of intelligent water meter and stability greatly, each function classics checks strictly, accord with occupation standard. The development of this product overcame major intelligence water meter successfully to be able to use what dry type water meter and sheet spread bundle of list to be short of regret only. Current, xiamen instrument and meter plant already filed the national patent of this water meter. CNC Milling