I am own DF900T of stage of head of research and development guides Liang Shi decides a dot to bridge machine investment is used

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By in iron the DF900T of stage of our country head that tool equipment production company manufactures experting large scale computer of 4 bureaus and Zhengzhou jointly guides Liang Shi decides a dot to bridge machine, 20 days are closing (Hefei) fierce (Wuhan) finish on railway bed after spelling experiment of outfit, burden and attestation of special type equipment, finished railroad combining connecting with the boxing skill successfully Liang Shi of box of entire hole of the first 800 tons of crewel is worn. 4 bureaus add up to the iron in occupying fierce railroad bridges group controller introduces, DF900T guides Liang Shi decides a dot to bridge machine own own innovation intellectual property, span of the biggest erect 32 meters, load lifting capacity 900 tons. It assembled other guide Liang Shi bridges the advantage of machine, have infrared fixed position and electronic monitoring function, use guide bridge perch is installed, can solve an end to cross the difficult problem that wear bridge conveniently, cross aperture to wear bridge to be used entirely brief get power, guide bridge machine can regard box as bridge already bearing device, also can serve as bridge machine those who cross aperture prop up, two functions are united in wedlock faultlessly, ensure overall structure deft, operation is convenient. Overall and all use frequency control, can lessen moving impact, make sure the process that wear bridge is safe, smooth, apply pass feeling image advancedly to take a system, can make the process that wear bridge is in monitoring condition from beginning to end. Additional, DF900T guides Liang Shi decides a dot to bridge the car of bridge of carry of equipment of form a complete set of machine, rise automatically for wheeled hydraulic pressure fall flat carries a car, the country that be labelled 863 plan project, it is roof beam of box of railroad of first when successful and own research and development makes home big tonnage facility for transporting. CNC Milling