Laser beam welding receives the application in engine overhaul

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Laser beam machining is the laser that uses tall radiate strength bundle, through optical system focusing (the power density after focusing can achieve 10*4~10*11w/cm2) , to workpiece treatment place brings to bear on the hot-working technology of high temperature. The Gao Rong that the energy that stimulates beam of light can make alloy medium nods photograph, field trash to wait to fuse completely. Laser beam machining can undertake in atmosphere, also can undertake in vacuum. To a few special alloy () of the alloy that be like titanium, laser beam machining need not undertake below vacuum condition, need to blow protection gas only (to nickel base alloy and admire alloy use ammoniac gas or nitrogen) . Base material fuses the area can be restricted in a few micron, thinner even limits. The ply of the hot influence division that layer of laser frit apply produces is the 1/10(0 of ply of frit apply layer about.


25mm) , this means hot impact the area is very narrow. Laser frit apply and solder apply of frit of technical advantage laser is multi-purpose the refreshment at motor component dimension rehabilitate, compare with the v photograph of other form, this technology advantage is reflected centrally in the following respects. (Precision of treatment of apply of 1) laser frit is tall, realize close clean figuration and follow-up precision work easily. If use TIG v, the width of v and height are controlled not easily, surplus of follow-up precision work is too large, and hot influence area is large. (Treatment of apply of 2) laser frit digitlizes control easily, can machine the component with geometrical complex form. If use handiwork to solder, cannot satisfy a requirement on stability and quality. (3) uses technology of efficient apply of automation laser frit, reduce heat effectively to affect an area, reduce the generation of blade crackle, percent of pass of the product can be stabilized in 95% above, and use traditional standard technology (TIG v) differ very far. (Spread of 4) laser frit can fall in hydric protection undertake, and need not vacuum environment. Compare with photograph of electron beam v, treatment efficiency is taller, equipment is safeguarded more convenient. Technology of apply of frit of laser of applied current situation basically is used at lamina of aviation engine turbine, oriented lamina the component that polite way seals tight system is repaired. It is abroad below the circumstance of technology of apply of frit of laser of application of a few companies. (1) England collect - apply of frit of laser of Luo Gong department carries a component to make the applying that go up in gas turbine heat, should head turn Luo Yiluo company. This company is opposite at using this technology 1981 face of damp of ministry of coronal of lamina of RB211 engine turbine undertakes getting base processing of aggrandizement of layer of wear-resisting alloy apply. In Luo Yiluo the company is aided financially below, british Nuo Ding Han university has developed a lamina to repair a system, be in collect - Luo Gong manages overhaul center gets applied, the limits of maintenance has compressor apex, turbine lamina seals severe Bi tine to wait. (Afterwards of firm of benefit of general of firm of benefit of general of 2) United States collect - technology of laser frit apply developed further after Luo Gong manages, built product line of apply of frit of two automation laser successfully, in JT8D and JT9D the first class of two kinds of engine is mixed the rotor lamina of the PWA1455 alloy material of the 2nd class is toothed on coronal damp face, preparation gives high quality get base wear-resisting alloy layer. General benefit firm is in air force project (IMIP plans) aid financially below, built turbine lamina laser beam welding to receive machining center, the automatic laser that can finish turbine lamina place to want a part solders, the turbine of the lamina of rotor of 2 class turbine that is like JTgD and Flo and V2500, F100 and PW2037 is oriented blade. (United States of General Electric Company of 3) United States is general and electric (on the rehabilitate that GE) company uses technology of laser frit apply in gas turbine to heat up upright component above all. It used device of 5kWCO2 laser beam machining 1990, receive long rehabilitate the Xie Jian of high-pressured turbine lamina. Claim this technology is one of 10 old new technologies of company. The laser beam welding of the flowguide that GE company completed a reaction engine successfully and oriented lamina is received assemble, solved Inconel600 and 700 series Hastelloy effectively, the nickel of Ren41 and Waspaloy brand base laser beam welding of small-sized spare parts receives alloy be out of shape wait for a problem with crackle. (Company of Er of Huo Ni Wei of 4) United States is maintaining a domain advancedly, does emphasis of company of Er of Huo Ni Wei develop: of face of the following tripartite? Allow inspects  to need? laser beam welding is received, drill rod solder and hot-working; finishing and advanced coating craft. Among them, laser beam welding is received repair engine lamina craft to be used already successfully on reaction engine of LF507 eddy fan. According to statistic, the overhaul cost of blade is the 1/5 that purchases new lamina value only, use motor to one Taiwan businessman, repair its lamina of low jade turbine, can compare change these lamina are managing 180 thousand dollar. This company already repair 1 million turbine lamina, and the lamina of repair already accumulative total flies 2 ten million flight hour. Company of Er of Huo Ni Wei owns a few patent that receive a technology about laser beam welding, include; of advanced device sending pink to use 3-D to get used to technical laser beam welding to receive oneself among them gentle style commutate overspreads spray pipe; is portable laser equipment. The equipment of company of Er of Huo Ni Wei and technology obtained the attestation of ISO9001, at the same time the respect such as the examination of the component in engine and accessory, overhaul, test also obtained the attestation of FAA/JAA. (Company of MTU of Germany of company of 5) Germany MTU and research center of Han Nuowei laser developed laser v technology jointly, the layer of stiff dough apply that is used at face of damp of ministry of turbine lamina coronal or restore geometrical measure. MTU company uses technology of apply of the frit that wrap Fu (Contained Laser Powder Cladding, CLPC) is right of ministry of apex of engine compressor lamina wear away have repair. The company uses plasma arc to solder respectively in v research process (Plasma Arc Welding, PAW) , apply of common laser frit (Laser Powder Cladding, LPC) and apply of the frit that wrap Fu undertake contrasting experimenting. The result makes clear, to gain the enough height of frit apply, PAW and LPC technology need course of apply of 2~3 second frit, and the frit apply rate that CLPC wants;CLPC only is apparent prep above is other the blade treatment amount of the PAW in the follow-up treatment of; of two kinds of technologies in frit apply and LPC rehabilitate is very large, and CLPC need not be machined basically, after can thinking CLPC technology is rehabilitate of; of technology of rehabilitate of close clean look microscopical hardness indication CLPC and the material hardness that LPC machines are apparent prep above PAW, hot influence area also is less than PAW greatly. MTU uses technology of efficient apply of automation laser frit, reduce heat effectively to affect an area, reduce the generation of blade crackle. Percent of pass of the product can be stabilized in 95% above, and use traditional standard technology (TIG v) percent of pass is not worth on average 75% . (Company of Wood group of United States of company of group of five heart of 6) United States uses technology of fusion welding of laser powder alloy to repair aviation engine lamina, obtained very good result. Use this kind to repair a technology to be able to repair the single crystal that thought to cannot be repaired in the past and DS alloy component. The weldment that uses this technology production can maintain the original figure of the component and measure accurately, reduce solder aftertreatment process, improve productivity thereby. (Company of group of Liburdi of Canada of company of group of 7) Canada Liburdi developed a kind of patent lamina to repair a technology, this technology uses the method of a kind of laser and union of photograph of sincere metal welding wire. This kind of basic course that repairs a method is to make the matrix that stimulates workpiece of general of beam of light fused form solder pool, introduce welding wire solder pool to make its fused next, make the metal of melt through base metal and the opposite shift that stimulate beam of light caky into successive welding line. The quantity of heat that this kind of advantage that repairs a technology is an input is little, because this does not need complex cooling system. And, rate is high, solder dot can come true " close clean " figuration. Liburdi group company already succeeded to use this technology in now collect - the high-pressured turbine of the RB211 that Luo Gong manages, the lamina of middling pressure turbine and low-pressure turbine is repaired on, and the laser beam welding that authorization of Luoyi collect company is engaged in RB211 engine lamina and other and relevant component technically was obtained 2001 receive repair to work. Liburdi group company still obtains GE, xi Menzi one the "F" class component of house repairs a license on the west, be engaged in the rehabilitate such as the nozzle of GE7FA series and firebox. Still assume Xi Menzi V84 at the same time.

Of 3A series 1, 2, the rehabilitate of 3 class lamina. Does technology of processing of wear-resisting of face of face of foliaceous coronal damp have engine of aviation of applied current situation 4 kinds of: ? P7 of Zuo of emperor a key to do sth is same, use plasma spray; 2 be like AII-31 Φ , use wear-resisting of solder of drill rod of vacuum high temperature to add up to bullion; 3 it is to resemble CFM56, use; of hydrogenous arc v 4 it is to resemble American JT8D, use coating of laser frit apply. Place of metal of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the turbine lamina that Shenyang engine institute develops are toothed technology of Fu of coronal laser frit (frit apply material is the CoCrw) that contains a few rare-earth element, aggrandizement of layer of apply of damp face stiff dough handles the Xie Guan of engine of two kinds of when be used already successfully at our country own research and development new-style aviation, achieved well-content result. Pass a series of experiment, the craft test that includes frit Fu, wearability experiment, fight oxidize and corrode experiment, adhesion experiment, hardness to determine to wait with metallographic analysis, quality of cladding of proof laser frit greatly excel is other and traditional spray craft. Place of metal of Chinese Academy of Sciences uses laser calculus microscopical the region of three-dimensional and stereo bureau to workpiece injures solder technology (wait like hole, stomatic, chasm and crackle) undertook former a nondestructive rehabilitate, especially base material embarrasses to solder or cannot solder when material more effective. Laser is microscopical solder advantage depends on can obtaining internal stress union of interface of the smallest, space is best, of least blemish stereo area of filling solder rehabilitate. The new machine that already used this technology to repair our country successfully to develop now directs hollowly the foundry technology aperture of blade, low-pressure to its turbine 1, the blemish such as the 3 loose, shrinkage cavity that do not have even body installing plate of size of lamina of guider of surplus essence casting to go up and crackle had 2 class laser filling solder, passed outfit machine stage to wear test-drive assessment. Sum up now, use the technology of component of key of laser rehabilitate engine, had gotten a lot of engine make the approbating of the manufacturer. It is like the company such as Luo Yiluo, Pu Hui, GE in manual of its engine overhaul introduced laser beam welding to receive a technology. Accordingly, can foreknow laser beam welding receives a technology the position in engine overhaul will be more and more significant. CNC Milling