Photoelectricity coder installation and use

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Axis of sincere of ◇ mechanical respect kind 1. Stretch flexible connection is used between coder axis and client side take-off, in order to because of,avoid of user axis string move, beat and cause coder shafting and code dish attaint. 2. The axis that notices to allow please when installation is laden. 3. The different axis that should assure coder axis and user take-off spends < 0.

20mm, with axes slant horny < 1.

5 ° . 4. Forbidden knock and beat collide when installation, lest attaint shafting is mixed,pile up dish. Hollow axis kind 1. Want to avoid to join with coder tigidity, should use board bedspring. 2. The coder when installation should push bedding bag axis gently, the forbidden knock that use weight, lest attaint shafting is mixed,pile up dish. 3. When be being used for a long time, ask examination board bedspring to whether become loose relative to coder; Whether to because decide the bolt of coder,become loose. ◇ electric field 1. Ground wire should as far as possible thick, should be more than φ commonly 3. 2. Each other do not take the output line of coder receive, lest attaint outputs circuit. 3. The line of coder does not receive direct current source to go up or on alternating current, lest attaint outputs circuit. 4. Wait for equipment with the electric machinery that coder is linked together, should ground connection is good, do not have electrostatic. 5. Screen cable should be used when layout. 6. Before switching on the mobile phone, should microscope, product manual and coder model whether conform to, wiring is correct. 7. When Sunday run is transmitted, should consider signal attenuation factor, choose output impedance is low, interference rejection ability exports way by force. 8. Avoid to be used in environment of powerful electromagnetic wave. ◇ environment respect 1. Coder is accurate instrument, when using, want have all round the attention without Zhen Yuan and interference source. 2. The coder that is not the structure that prevent leakage is not splashed sail upstream, oil, want to add shield when necessary. 3. Notice whether environmental temperature, humidity is in limits of instrument use requirement please. CNC Milling