Safety of dug tool grinding machine manipulates a technology

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Tool grinding machine can process the data with taller hardness, the hard steel that be like temper by dipping in water, hard alloy; Also can process brittleness data, be like glass, granite. Grinder can make the grinding with high accuracy and exterior very small surface roughness, also can undertake efficient grinding, wait like heavy-cut grinding. Emergency decree of tool grinding machine 1, the professional that safe precautionary measures should make hold electrical engineering handle card undertakes electric equipment is installed or maintain. 2, whether do the voltage on nameplate of electric machinery of the examination before switching on the mobile phone and frequency agree with power source. 3, on outlet of power source of tool grinding machine, electrical outlet each touch a foot to should tighten solid reliable, without become loose or do not contact a phenomenon. 4, do not abuse electrical wiring, do not exert oneself to do sth. the power supply cord on hale electrical outlet, electrical wiring should be far from the place of high temperature, fat, sharp edge. 5, should malfunction or abnormal noise should unplug instantly plug, shut push-button switch of left lateral of box of machine tool main shaft, undertake checking repairing next. 6, do not let a machine tool run below unmanned circumstance, must closing machine hind, stop locomotive ability to leave. Outside dump, should press gules button, otherwise the machine tool can come down in unmanned circumstance report runs. 7, those who hold yard ground is clean and neat, do not be in damp, mixed and disorderly, faint ray. Combustible the place that explodes easily uses a machine tool. The person that let children or look around is far from a machine tool, avoid all sorts of insecure elements to happen. 8, tool grinding machine cannot exceed capacity of the biggest cutting, avoid all sorts of insecure elements to happen. 9, apparel proper, do not wear comfortable dress or wear hand act the role ofing, glove, hairpin of long hair application is fixed wear a hat again, prevent on by the danger of machine be involved in. 10, the workpiece when the job should originally closely reliable, do not hold work, such both hands are usable will operate machine. 11, the cleanness that preserves slideway area, do not let arenaceous bead, dirt enter avoid attaint slideway. 12, do not fall in your exhaustion or the case that take alcohol, anaesthetic, operate again machine. 13, the spare parts when tool grinding machine, accessory attaint, do not substitute arbitrarily please, should use the corresponding spare parts of same function, be like those who use this unit optimal. CNC Milling