System of high speed cutting tool

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1.   of   of  of cutting tool material 1) cutting tool of coating of   of  of coating cutting tool is to be on cutting tool matrix compound of metal of wear-resisting of besmear Fu horniness is filmy, raise a kind of of hardness of cutting tool surface and wearability cutting tool that is used at high speed cutting in order to achieve. Commonly used cutting tool base material basically has high-speed steel, hard alloy, cermet and pottery and porcelain to wait. Coating material has TiN, TiC, Al2O3, TiCN, TiAlN and TiAlCN to wait. Coating can be only coat, also can be double coating or much coating, it is material of a few kinds of coating even compound and those who become is compound coating. Compound coating can be TiC - Al2O3 - TiN, TCN and TiAlN are multivariate and compound coating, newest developed the multivariate and compound film such as TiN/NbN and TiN/CN again. If trade name is " Fire " aperture treatment cutting tool is compound coating, it makes ground floor with TiN, in order to assure with the combinative strength between matrix; By multilayer the intermediate layer that scumble layer forms is resilient coating, with the vibration that will absorb interrupted cutting to arise; Carrying a layer on the head is the TiAlN layer that has good wearability and hear resistance. Additional, still can be in " Fire " outer on besmear is decreased wear coat. Among them, tiAlN layer is in high speed cutting performance is superior, highest cutting temperature can amount to 800 ℃ . Open the data of hard coating of a few PVD that issue in recent years, have nitride of CBN, CN, Al2O3, much brilliant (TiN / NbN, tiN / VN) , they have good thermal stability below high temperature, suit high speed and freeboard very much fast cutting. Cutting tool of diamond film coating basically is used at nonferrous metal treatment, and C - the hardness that C3N4 exceeds hard coating exceeds diamond likely. Soft coating cutting tool, the treatment that if MoS2 and WS2 regard the high-speed steel of coating material as cutting tool,basically is used at high strenth aluminium alloy and titanium alloy to wait. In addition, the cutting tool of material of accept rice coating of newest development applies foreground mediumly in high speed cutting very capacious also. The razor blade of mill of compound coating of accept rice TiN/AlN that stays in friendly company like Japan, in all 2000 coating, every have 2 only.

5nm is thick. 2) cermet basically includes   of  of cermet cutting tool the TiC of tall wear-resisting function base hard alloy (the TiC of TiC+Ni or Mo) , tall tenacity base hard alloy (TiN of TiC+TaC+WC) , coriaceous base hard alloy and the TiCN of tall obdurability base hard alloy (TiCN+NbC) . The cutting tool of these alloy make it can be in steel of vehicle of fine of the high speed inside the limits of 500m/min mixes Vc=300 ~ cast-iron. Cermet can make broach, milling cutter and hobbing cutter. Be like the cermet hob that Japan develops, vc =600m/min, the 10 ~ that are hard alloy hob about 20 times, the surface roughness that machines the surface is worth Rmax to be 2 μ M, than HSS hob (Rmax15 μ M) and  hard alloy hob (Rmax8 μ M) is small much, wearability is 4 times of HSS, it is 2 times of hard alloy. Cutting tool of pottery and porcelain of   of  of cutting tool of 3) pottery and porcelain can be inside the limits of Vc=200 ~ 1000m/min hard steel of cutting mild steel, temper by dipping in water and cast-iron wait for material. 4) cutting tool of CBN of   of   of  of CBN cutting tool is high speed finish machining or hard steel of semifinishing machining temper by dipping in water, cold hard cast-iron the material of ideal cutting tool that waits with high temperature alloy, can come true " with the car era is ground " . Abroad still developed the CBN cutting tool with CBN different content, in order to fill the cutting function of minute of play CBN cutting tool (see) issueing a list. According to report, CBN300 machines the speed of casting pig to be able to amount to 2000m/min. The cutting tool that expresses different CBN content and its utility   5) the high speed treatment that cutting tool of PCD of   of   of  of PCD cutting tool can realize nonferrous metal and metalloid wear-resisting material. According to report, the bit that sets PCD machines Si - the cutting speed Vc of Al alloy can amount to 300 ~ 400m/min, PCD cutting tool is machining aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, black lead and pulverous metallurgy preform to go up, compare with photograph of hard alloy cutting tool, its life raised 60 ~ 145 times; The PCD face milling cutter that uses cutter hub of high strenth aluminium alloy machines the speed Vc of aluminium alloy to be able to amount to 3000 ~ 4000m/min, some achieved 7000m/min. 20 centuries after 90 time, beautiful, day in succession research and development diamond film cutting tool (Che Xi razor blade, twist drill, establish the) such as milling cutter and tap, the 10 ~ that its life is hard alloy cutting tool 140 times. This among them, cutting tool of coating hard alloy is to use a kind of cutting tool with most, the widest scope of application, its performance/price ratio is better. The function interpose of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain is mixed at cutting tool of coating hard alloy super- between hard data cutting tool, the hardness of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain is taller than hard alloy and the price is lower than CBN and diamond cutting tool, can replace below a few circumstances exceed hard data cutting tool to undertake high speed hard cutting and dry cutting. Tall, life grows CBN cutting tool and hardness of diamond cutting tool, apply to large quantities of circumstances that estimate production and the situation that have special demand, if essence of life cuts tall hardness material closely,wait. Material of CBN cutting tool has tall hot rigid, high strenth and tall heatproof concussion sex, it is high speed finish machining or hard steel of semifinishing machining temper by dipping in water, cold hard cast-iron the material of ideal cutting tool that waits with high temperature alloy, but cannot cutting hardness the material under 45HRC. The wearability of diamond cutting tool is tall, high speed performance is good, but fight concussion ability difference, cutting iron pledges metallization learns stability to differ, basically use at high speed thick, essence cuts nonferrous metal and metalloid material. 2.   of   of  of cutting tool collet 1) a kind of when 3 arris are out of shape essence of life presses hero of Germany of collet    to overcome a company to produce 3 arris that do not have clamping unit are out of shape static if the working principle that presses collet pursues show 1 times. Of this collet inside aperture is 3 arris form below free condition, the inscribed circle diameter of 3 arris is less than the knife handle diameter that should hold clip. Use device of thrust augmentation of a hydraulic pressure, bring to bear on to collet outside force, make collet is out of shape, aperture turns into inside round hole, bore diameter is more than knife handle diameter slightly. Insert knife handle right now, next the outside force that discharge drops place to add, kong Chongxin systole becomes 3 arris entity inside, execute to knife handle at 3 o'clock clamp. Structure of this kind of collet compact, symmetry good, precision is tall, cutting tool assembles and unassemble simple, and the hard alloy knife handle to different coefficient of expansion and high-speed steel knife handle all applicably. Graph the 1 3 arris that do not have clamping unit are out of shape static the   of working principle graph that presses collet 2) collet of shrinkage fitting of   of  of shrinkage fitting collet also is a kind of collet that does not have clamping unit. It uses the induction of high-energy field to add hot coil normally, the clip knife handle holds a part to be in short time (10s) inside heat, knife handle internal diameter subsequently outspread, load cutting tool instantly right now inside knife handle, when knife handle refrigeration is contractive, can gift cutting tool clip maintains even pressure, produce very tall radial clamping force to hold tool firmly clip thereby. After mount or debus cutting tool, collet cools quickly, accordingly, quantity of heat seldom delivers the petiole of the other position to collet or cutting tool.    still has a few to apply to the cutting tool collet that high speed machines besides, if bedspring collet, hydraulic pressure collet, dynamic balancing collet is mixed,TRIBOS places first class. 3. The knife handle structure of tradition of   of  of knife handle structure cannot get used to the need that high speed machines, basically be to cannot satisfy join stiffness, precision, dynamic balancing and the requirement that change a knife quickly. At present two kinds of train of thought can solve high speed to machine issue of knife handle construction: It is to still use existing 7 ∶ 24 taper and to its the structure undertakes improvement, be like the WSU knife handle that the United States produces; It is the 7 ∶ with original slam the door on the other hand 24 taper and use new replacing structure, wait like HSK knife handle and KM knife handle. Knife handle of WSU of      used the concept of fictitious taper, form a cone with the dot of disperse or line namely, with surface contact of aperture of main shaft inner cone, if pursue,2 are shown. Realizing these component that nod line contact is stretch. Accordingly, make when pulling force of pull rod axial knife handle and fixed position of main shaft end panel are contacted when, can make only knife handle cone these stretch component are out of shape, and knife handle is not out of shape. This kind of method can make contact awl ministry to obtain bigger interference, and do not require too large pulling force, also won't make main shaft expands, not sensitive to the pollution of interface. Structure of knife handle of graph 2 WSU and the join with main shaft for example, WSU - the treatment precision that 1 knife handle asks and common knife handle are identical, the awl ministry of knife handle still uses 7 ∶ 24 taper, but its diameter wants than the diameter of the taper of standard knife handle of identical flange dimension small, the outside face of awl handle is covered have the ball with the identical diameter that secures by metal or plastic cage, the fictitious awl diameter that forms by ball compares diameter of aperture of main shaft inner cone about big 5 ~ 10 μ M, in pull rod pulling force action falls, ball happening flexibility is out of shape, till knife handle moves to be contacted to knife handle flange and main shaft end panel inside main shaft taper hole. The material of    ball is metal, plastic or glass, its make precision the demand is very high, spherical precision and diameter make precision be under 1 μ M, strict production precision can make sure fictitious awl and main shaft taper hole have cooperate goodly. Main good point has this kind of connective: Realized end panel and cone while osculatory fixed position, stiffness and high speed performance are good, main shaft won't expand, do not have an influence to bearing; Osculatory area is out of shape big, fictitious awl ministry and main shaft taper hole do not have clearance, the radial circle of arbor is jumpy small, the axial power that pull rod produces is in loss of osculatory awl ministry is small, the pressure that brings to bear on to contact end panel in cutter shaft is great, interface attrition force increases, going up somehow usable will deliver torsion, have good dynamic balancing performance. Knife handle of HSK of      is knife handle of a kind of new-style high speed taper, its interface uses the means that cone and end panel two sides locate at the same time. Structure of HSK knife handle and the join with main shaft are shown 3 times like the graph, HSK tool system uses 1 ∶ 10 taper, knife handle is hollow short handle, knife handle length is the 1/2 of length of traditional knife handle about, wedge effect is good, fight twist ability strong. Structure of knife handle of graph 3 HSK and the join with main shaft its job principle is to rely on the flexibility of the aperture inside locking force and main shaft to expand will compensate end panel clearance. Because oneself of hollow knife handle has bigger flexibility to be out of shape, because this is right the production precision requirement of knife handle is relatively inferior. Between knife handle and main shaft by outspread ungual locking, rotate speed is higher, the centrifugal power of outspread claw is greater, locking power is greater, because this has good high speed performance. As a result of quality of HSK tool system lesser, petiole shorter, because this is helpful for high speed changing the miniaturization of knife and machine tool automatically, but hollow short power structure also makes the tigidity of its system and intensity got be affected certainly. Knife handle of HSK whole type uses balance type to design, knife handle structure has A, B, C, D, E, F6 to plant, among them A, B to change knife knife handle automatically, c, D touch the knife handle that change a knife for the hand, e, F to do not have structure of key connective semmetry. When applying actually, the main shaft rotate speed with HSK50 and HSK63 applicable knife handle can amount to 25000r/min, the main shaft rotate speed with applicable HSK100 is 12000r/min. CNC Milling